Kids' Birthday Parties

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The coolest kids have HAC Birthdays!

We'll bring the party, you bring the cake

Get ready for the best birthday yet!

HAC is the ideal place to host a birthday party celebration — with an indoor water park and stories-high jungle gym, there's lots to do and tons of fun to be had.


Our two-hour parties include themed invitation, birthday party paper products, balloons, pizza, juice boxes, party cup favors, a dedicated private party room and a dedicated party host.


We can accommodate Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, and some weekday afternoon party times. We offer a wide range of catering services if you wish to include additional food for your guests.

The All-Inclusive Party Package

for 15 of your child's guests

The party package includes 2 hours of party time — one hour of activity, and one hour in the party room. The package includes everything to host a memorable party, all you need to bring is the cake! 

  • Themed invitations 

  • "Happy Birthday" themed paper products 

  • Balloons

  • 40 slices of cheese pizza

  • 1 Juice box per child and pitchers of water ​

  • Accommodates up to a maximum of 20 kids for kids' parties

  • Party favors for confirmed number of invited guests (HAC t-shirts can be substituted as the favor)

  • A gift for the birthday child 

  • Private party room 

  • Designated party host(ess) 

  • Set-up and best of all, clean-up

Party Themes

Crazy Maze 

Ages 5+

Imaginations run wild while kids climb, slide, and conquer Spider Mountain! All the neighborhood kids will be wondering when the next party will be!


Ages 3+

Our Crafty party includes a take home masterpiece of creative expression: decorating fabric items, pillow case, HAC t-shirt, pencil case, piggy bank or other ceramic items. Perhaps a work of art small canvas painting, or bead crafts to take home from the party. 

Splish & Splash

Ages 1+

Your guests can enjoy lounging in the sun at our outdoor pool (season dependent) or playing indoors at our indoor water park. Duck under splash-and-play water spouts and slide down the giant waterslide in our beach-entry water park!

Sports Mania

Ages 5+

Have a ball in our gymnasium! No party is complete without a classic game of dodgeball, a high-intensity indoor soccer game, or a kids-versus-adults hoops game. 


Ages 3+

Your child and his or her friends will enjoy a 45-minute yoga class followed by craft time, during which the kids will make a no-sew lavender eye pillow. Unite little minds with little bodies during this fitness-and-un-packed party.

Good Ol' Old Fashioned

Ages 1+

The party features a pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, hot potato, musical chairs, other traditional birthday party games.

Laser Tag

Ages 8+

Your child and their friends will have a blast playing this fast-paced game. Indoor or outdoor, laser tag is played using a harmless handheld infrared-emitting targeting device to try and outlast your opponent. 

Birthday Party Pricing

All-inclusive Package

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due when booking your party date.


Includes 15 guests, max of 20 kids per party



Includes 15 guests, max of 20 kids per party


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Additional Guests

15 guests are included

$20 / guest

Additional Party Host


30 Minutes Additional Party Time


Moon Bounce



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