Personal Trainer

Cathy McDougall


Exercise isn't something you must endure. It's something you should enjoy because the end result is a healthy, happy you!

Cathy McDougall is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who knows and appreciates the challenges of leading a healthy lifestyle. She believes that finding time to move EVERY day is the key to staying fit, strong, and healthy through all stages of life. As we age, she says, we experience new challenges with activity and movement, so Cathy also has a certification from the Functional Aging Institute to help active agers continue to have success with their health goals. She believes everyone deserves to live an active, inspiring life, and it’s her goal and passion to help others figure out how to achieve it.

Cathy’s training style includes a great deal of variety, geared to fit each individual, with an emphasis on functional, day-to-day, “real life” fitness. Whether it’s helping to improve balance, put on muscle, take off weight, increase flexibility, or just feel better, Cathy offers a personalized approached designed to help clients achieve long term success. Her goal is to help clients feel energized and inspired every day.

As an FAI Functional Aging Specialist, Cathy can create exercises and programs that help active agers maintain their functionality, independence and freedom. "Growing older doesn't mean we stop moving," says Cathy. "It means we move smarter, and I can help empower the mature client to KEEP moving so they can live active, healthy lives".


  • B.S. Broadcast Journalism


  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

  • FMS, RIP & TRX

  • FAI Functional Aging Specialist


  • Strength training

  • Weight loss

  • Functional movement training

  • Pre/post-natal exercise

  • Functional Aging Exercises

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