Youth Yoga Classes will not be held at this time.

Mindfulness for little minds.

Youth Yoga

We are committed to teaching children to love their bodies. 

During each 8-week session, teachers focus on ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude, and healthy living at an age-appropriate level, expanding upon them as children become capable of deeper awareness and comprehension.

Youth yoga classes engage children through movement exploration, music, theme-related games, and inspired yoga-play.

Yoga Classes

Geared toward little minds and bodies and focuses on fun with easy-to-do poses and calming songs.
Slight increase in difficulty to engage high-functioning balance and coordination skills.
Simulates that of an adult class, focusing on breath and movement synchronization along with exploration of more difficult poses.
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All you need is

the uniform.

Uniforms for yoga include a comfortable shirt and shorts or sweat pants (no skirts, please!). Each child will need his or her own yoga mat and water bottle. No jewelry, no shoes, please.

Additional Weekly Classes

For our yogis who just can't get enough -- we get it!

Take it to the next level by signing up for extra classes each week.

1 Additional Weekly Class

$52 / month

2 Classes

$78 / month

3 Classes

$109.20 / month

4 Classes

$135.20 / month

5 Classes

$156 / month

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