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Personal Trainer

Andrea Bradley


Your first achievement is coming in. Never stop coming in and your goals become easier to reach!

Andrea graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Health and Exercise Science and is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Andrea is one of the Hac Run Club coaches and has recently completed the Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification. She also has the Method certification, TRX Rip training and the Level I Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Specialist. 


Exercise and being active have always played a vital role in Andrea’s life. It wasn’t until a close friend inspired her to carry over this passion in a professional manner that she considered making it a career. Since then Andrea has never looked back and has been in the industry for 11+ years. Her personal fitness achievements have been completing her first marathon in 2017, obstacle course races, and numerous 1/2 marathons, even placing in two of them. Being one of the Run Club coaches she is able to help others improve and achieve their running goals as well. She can be found cheering the Run Club members on helping them achieve new personal best records.


She seeks out ways to consistently reinvent herself and continue her education so that she may be at her best for her clients. Completing the Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification is so that everyone has the opportunity to workout at any stage of their fitness journey.  Andrea has experience working with all different age groups and special populations including pregnancy, post cardiac rehab, rehabilitation, and diabetic. She enjoys working with people who want to better themselves and work towards a better quality of life. If you are new to fitness or a lifetime fitness enthusiast, there is something at every level. Fitness should be a lifestyle, not just a resolution, coming to the gym is something one should look forward to and have fun with. Let her help you find your fitness passions.


  • B.S. Health and Exercise Science 


  • Cancer Exercise Specialist 

  • Method CRA Test

  • FMS

  • TRX RIP Trainer

  • GTS

  • Power Plate

  • Barre



  • Run coaching

  • Cancer population

  • Weight loss

  • Injury rehab 

  • Core and balance


I have been training with Andrea Bradley for over ten years!  She is an outstanding trainer because she takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. She focuses not only on exercise, but also on what you are eating, how you are sleeping and what your stress level is.  As a result, Andrea has helped me greatly improve my fitness and lose both the weight and body fat that I wanted to.  She challenges you with every exercise to improve your form and to ensure you get the greatest benefit out of the workout.  She now also trains my husband.  Since working out with her, he has become much more serious about fitness and about his diet.  He looks and feels better and is getting stronger. Thank you to Andrea for your focus on the overall well-being of your clients. You are phenomenal! 

– Kathy M.

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