Martial Arts

9-month Program

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“We teach people first, martial arts second.”

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HAC Martial Arts

We aim to develop focus, respect, courtesy, self-discipline, confidence, honesty, responsibility, and humility.

In addition to teaching the physical components of Karate, our classes work on enhancing listening skills, motor coordination, and discipline, as well as increasing self-esteem, confidence, and important leadership skills.


All Martial Arts students have the opportunity to progress through the belt rank and participate in belt promotions. 

Class Types

Children learn the basics of karate in a fun class that accommodates their skills and abilities.
Children develop greater motor skills including balance, coordination, physical fitness, and self defense and hone their techniques and form as they progress through the belt system.
Traditional karate training with high-level character development. Children continue to build on physical abilities along with mental preparedness to achieve greater goals.
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The Next Level: Progressions

For children ages 5 & up, we have "next level" options available to enhance their discipline.


(Ages 5-6)

Elite Dragons

Kids' Kenpo

(Ages 7-13)

HAC Ninjas

Ultimate Goal

(Green belt or higher)

Black Belt Club

The Next Level: Learn More

Elite Dragons, HAC Ninjas, & Black Belt Club

For students age 5 and up committed to their martial arts practice, higher-level teams can help them progress quicker and further develop their character as martial artists. 

All you need is

the uniform.

Martial Arts uniforms are available at HAC for purchase for $40. That includes gi top, bottoms, and a white belt.

Additional Weekly Classes

For our karate kids who just can't get enough -- we get it!

Take it to the next level by signing up for extra classes each week.

1 Additional Weekly Class

$56 / month

2 Classes

$83 / month

Unlimited Classes

$115 / month

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Next Level program rates may differ. For more information, view the Next Level Page.

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Martial Arts Summer SWAT Week

Special Weapons and Training

Each one-week course combines martial arts training and unique teaching methods to achieve a higher level of character development.

HAC Kids Are Happy Kids


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