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Become the best version of you.

When you join HAC, you aren't just joining a fitness center; you're joining a community.

Getting Started

3 things to think about to get the most out of your training sessions

Personal Goals

The most important factor in training is you. Your needs, your limitations, your desires, your goals. Give some thought to your direction, and we'll give you the tools to get there. 

Training Styles

We are all different in how we get motivated. Some need soft encouragement, while others prefer a boot camp approach. What style suits you best?

Your Schedule

Find a time that works best for you to train and think about how frequently you would like to meet with your trainer. 


Fitness Health Appraisal

Your first two sessions with a trainer are completely free, no commitment required.

Our goal is to provide guidance on how to best proceed toward achieving your goals. ​With your Fitness Health Appraisal (FHA), we start by matching you with a trainer that fits your needs and your schedule. 


Your FHA consists of two meetings. The first is meant to establish baseline metrics and determine your fitness level and includes:

  • an InBody analysis

  • a Functional Movement Screen

  • a goal and fitness overview


Your second meeting with your trainer is a free tailored personal training session. Your trainer will take the information gathered in your first meeting to put you through an example of a workout well suited for your needs. It's totally free, no commitment required.

Get started today with your free Fitness Health Appraisal

Bringing the Personal to Personal Training

HAC trainers are teeming with knowledge and passionate about your success.


Specialized Training

The 300 League
Aquatic Personal Training
Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT™)
Personalized Run Coaching
Sports Performance Training
Triathlon Training
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