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Youth Personal Training

Ages 8-18

Improve performance, reduce risk of injury.

Sports are more than the game

Practice makes perfect, but we make athletes.

Hockessin Athletic Club offers athletes of all ages and disciplines the ultimate competitive edge. Our team of highly educated, experienced, and vested coaches are empowered to properly evaluate and fully customize training programs to every type and level of athlete. With the trend towards early sport specialization becoming more prevalent in the youth athlete, it is important to ensure that individuals are competent in a broad spectrum of movements and proficiency. Training a successful athlete goes far beyond basic strength, agility, speed, and quickness training; athletes need to train for “movement”.


With the mindset of “form follows function” establishing appropriate neuromuscular patterns early on is vital to building a solid foundation from which the youth athlete is built from. Think of this foundation as the platform; the primer for what is to come. It’s important therefore that the platform from which the athlete will base its career is correct, balanced, resilient, and sustainable. We offer one-on-one, semi-private, and group training options depending on the client’s needs and goals.

FIT Kids

Member Pricing

Pricing depends on the trainer, length of sessions, package chosen, and format (one-on-one or semi-private). 

For a full list of pricing options, please visit the personal training page.

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