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Survival swimming lessons for infants and young children.

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Not one more child drowns

Proudly providing ISR lessons to the DE & PA communities.

While ISR doesn’t “waterproof” your little one, it certainly gives them an added layer of protection against a parent’s worst nightmare.


The goal of the ISR Self-Rescue® program for children under the age of twelve months is to teach the little ones how to roll over to their backs, breathe, and maintain a float until help arrives.


For older children ages 1-6, the ISR program teaches a swim-float-swim sequence. Toddlers and up are taught to swim when they hit the water, then float for air, then to turn to swim again. They learn to repeat the sequence until they reach a part of the pool from which they can pull themselves out of the water.


This incredible internationally-recognized program includes water safety education for both parents and the student and has saved more than 800 hundred lives. 

Class Structure

Students come to lessons 5 days a week, Monday – Friday. Each lesson will be no more than 10 minutes long with just one child in the water at a time. Lessons are individually tailored to meet your child’s developmental and physical abilities as well as meeting their emotional needs. Much is accomplished in a short but very intense private lesson. Your child will have the same 10-minute time slot each day. You can expect your child to complete his or her initial course within 6 weeks. 

Learning Expectations

Age 6 months - 12 months

  • learn to hold their breath underwater

  • learn to roll onto their back

  • learn to float unassisted, rest, and breathe until help arrives

  • learn to perform ISR's Self-Rescue® skills first in a swim diaper and then while fully clothed.

Age 12 months - 6 years

  • learn to hold their breath underwater

  • learn to swim with their head down

  • learn to roll onto their back and float, rest, and breathe

  • learn to roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool, crawl out or be rescued by an adult

  • learn to perform the Self-Rescue® first in a swim diaper/bathing suit and then fully clothed.

2022 Session Start Dates​​

  • Fall Session 1 - September 6th

  • Fall Session 2 - October 24th
    no lessons will be held Thanksgiving week.

Refresher Only Sessions​​

  •  Timeslots available in both Fall 1 & 2 for refresher sessions

Session dates are subject to change

* Not seeing a time that works with your family schedule? Please go to and enter your zip code to see if other instructors in the area might meet your needs.


$125 per week, $105 Enrollment Free through ISR National*

*Limited Scholarships Available Each Year

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students attend lessons 5 days a week, Monday - Friday

  • Each student takes an average of 6 weeks

  • All lessons are 10 minutes or less

  • Siblings can be scheduled back to back

  • All lessons are taught at Hockessin Athletic Club, you do not need to be a member to take ISR classes

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