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Personal Trainer

Deb Goodge


Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.
— Unknown

Deb is an energetic fitness leader and personal trainer with over 25 years’ experience. Her exercise philosophy is quality versus quantity in movements and workouts. Deb is a mother of three and has always been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and including exercise into her and her family’s daily routine.

Being a previous corporate marketing/sales professional, Deb understands the importance of work/life balance and prioritizing exercise as an essential element of maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. She is goal oriented with personal achievements including three marathons plus many half-marathons, 10K and 5K local races.

Deb’s emphasis is on proper form/technique, building base moves, using functional movements to improve daily living, and adding progressions in a controlled manner to achieve short and long-term goals. She develops small group fitness programs specializing in interval training (tabata type/HIIT) that include movement intensity options which allow beginner and advanced participants to work out alongside one another and still walk away with a positive, impactful workout experience.

Deb’s newest endeavor as a Livestrong Coach working with cancer survivors has proven how important incorporating functional movements into your exercise routine is key to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Deb believes she can teach this to her clients with positive results.


  • B.S. Business Administration


  • Cancer Survivor Exercise Program Instructor

  • TRX Level 1

  • Tabata Bootcamp

  • SCW Small Group Training

  • BOSU Skills and Drills

  • Strength & Conditioning Instructor

  • Les Mills BodyPump


  • Tabata/HIIT training

  • Interval training

  • Strength & conditioning

  • Functional movement

  • Core conditioning


Just wanted to let you know...It was fantastic working with you on my fitness goals. The sessions were always interesting and dynamic which really helped keep me engaged. I really appreciate the time you took to focus on the form when doing the different exercises. You really encouraged and empowered me to transition to a great routine that works for me. It was definitely worth the time spent with you!

— Beth

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3 Four-Minute Workouts For Killer Calorie Burn

I immediately became hooked on interval training after attending Mindy Mylrea’s Tabata Bootcamp training session at a Philadelphia conference in 2012. Later that year, I became a certified Tabata Bootcamp instructor, and I continue to utilize interval training with my PT clients today.

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