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Dewey Lightcap



Dewey became a Personal Trainer because of his love and passion for helping others enhance their lives. In addition to traditional styles of exercise, Dewey has an affinity for unconventional methods such as Kung Fu, Gymnastics, Slacklining, and Rock Climbing. He understands and emphasizes the importance of safety and injury prevention in all workout routines, because when you come to the gym to make yourself better the last thing you want is to leave the gym having made yourself worse.


Dewey is an American College of Sports Medicine CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), with an emphasis on “personal”. His philosophy is that there are multiple ways to target each muscle and nobody should have to suffer through exercises they aren’t comfortable with. Dewey will incorporate your personal preferences into a dynamic, fun, challenging, and safe fitness routine that will meet your needs and objectives, challenge your capabilities, and motivate you to move to the next level. 


Dewey believes in education. He’ll provide an exhilarating workout, and is there to address any questions or concerns you have about your physical fitness. Regular exercise is important for physical, mental, and emotional development, particularly as we age. Dewey is here to help you get started, by developing the right program to meet/exceed your personal goals, and help you create a plan for personal growth.


  • B.S. Behavioral Health & Nutrition


  • FMS Level 2

  • NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • POSE Running


  • Corrective exercise

  • Pre/post rehab

  • Youth athletic training

  • Strength training

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