Because getting grounded is just as important as hitting the ground running. 

A 65-minute two-part class that begins with 30 minutes of cycling and ends with 35 minutes of heated yoga. Combines the intensity and stamina-building of cycling with the renewing powers of hot yoga.
LES MILLS™ | Bend and stretch through a structured series of yoga moves while embracing elements of tai chi and pilates. Improve flexibility and increase core strength while you create a lasting sense of well-being and calm. Mat recommended.
Includes a system of exercises that emphasize strengthening the core, fluidity of movement, and muscle control. Create a deep, complete level of fitness and energy while lowering stress and increasing relaxation. Exercise mat needed.
Challenging workout that combines Pilates and yoga to provide maximum core strength, balance, and flexibility. The moves will tone and strengthen your abdominals, back, hips, inner/outer thighs and buttocks. Exercise mat needed.
The benefits of Barre with a gentler presentation for all age groups. Uses the ballet barre for stability while working deep into muscles with small dynamic movements, resulting in improved posture and balance. Exercise mat needed.
JingJeh, translated from Chinese as “a higher moral standard,” is also the name of the instructor. In this non-heated yoga class, use classic yoga postures and breathing to strengthen and tone, increase flexibility, and calm your mind. Exercise mat recommended.
A non-heated class that focuses on developing strength and flexibility for increased stability and a greater range of motion. Each movement taken in class is connected to your breath, helping to relieve stress and tension. Mat recommended.
A non-heated class that integrates classic yoga postures and deep rhythmic breathing for a meditative approach to yoga practice. Well-suited for beginning and intermediate students. Exercise mat recommended.
A system of exercises that emphasize strengthening the “powerhouse” region: abdominals, back, hips, inner/outer thighs, and buttocks. Focuses on toning the body, stretching, and lengthening muscles.
“Qi” means energy and “gong” means work. Work with your own energies in a gentle, soft, healing form of exercise. Use movement, breath and visualization in these standing exercises. Exercise mat not needed.
If you don’t take the time to stretch after your workouts, this 30-minute class is a great option. Move through stretching sequences to help keep you pain free, provide maximum mobility, and maintain flexible strength. Exercise mat needed.
A moving meditation that follows a sequence of movements and is a tool for improving daily living. Moving through the Tai Chi poses (or sets) will increase circulation, improve flexibility and balance, and calm the mind.
An opportunity to explore the principles of Tai Chi in depth and understand how to apply them to your enhanced practice.
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