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Do you know yours?

The InBody Analyzer is a Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis device, which runs a light electrical current through your body. Depending on how much resistance the machine detects from the current running through your body, we are able to determine how much fat-free mass you have. The machine measures how strong the current is in various parts of your body, so it is able to tell you which parts are over or underweight. From this electrical current, we are able to see an individual’s:


• Weight

• Muscle Content

• Fat Content

• Water Weight

• Fat-free Mass Content

• Body Mass Index (BMI)

• Percent Body Fat

• Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)

• Visceral Fat Content

• Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

• Segmental Lean/Segmental Fat (breakdown of body composition for each extremity)

• Muscle-fat Control


The InBody Analyzer allows you to see which areas need improvement the most. Overall, it’s more accurate in letting you know how healthy you are.

Best Scale to Know Your Body Composition

The results of this analysis are 98% accurate, which is why NFL, NBA, and NHL members use it regularly.

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