Registered Dietitian

Jeannie Versagli


Jeannie holds a license in Nutrition for the State of Delaware and is a Registered Dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a national professional organization. It is the only recognized professional organization that certifies individuals in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her career in the Nutrition and Culinary fields spans over 30 years. A graduate from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, Jeannie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition.

Upon coming to the Delaware area after college from her home state of Indiana, she began her career at the University of Delaware working within their Food Service Department as an Assistant Manager. Eventually, she decided to branch out on her own, creating a consulting business that included developing a weight loss program at Pike Creek Fitness club. There she worked in a nutritional consulting practice with a focus on diabetes, weight loss, hypertension, and cardiac nutrition. Another facet to her consulting business was working with the specialty handicapped adults who resided in Group Homes. Recently Jeannie spent time working with a management company that provided culinary, operational, retail, and nutritional services to continuing care retirement communities. As a part of the HAC team, Jeannie oversees the nutrition programs and services at Hockessin Athletic Club, facilitates some of the services personally, and acts as a resource throughout the club.  

Jeannie knows first-hand how nutrition and wellness go hand in hand. Michael, one of her two sons, recently participated in a full and half Iron Man. The experience furthered her understanding of the physical, mental/emotional, and nutritional demands that are required of an individual to be successful in these completions. She seeks to assist others in their quest to accomplish their wellness goals. Whether it be to lose weight, guide members to meet their nutrition and wellness goals, or to enhance one's performance for an athletic event, Jeannie‘s determined to be their biggest cheerleader!


  • LDN

  • B.S. Foods & Nutrition

  • Method™ Test Certified

  • Weight Management Certified

I was seeking some help in controlling cholesterol and eating healthier. One of the HAC trainers suggested I contact Jeannie, the nutritionist at HAC. She gave me a good plan, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to get things under control again. Nice!

— FK

Jeannie is an exceptional and caring help in my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

— Ann Hilaman

I have worked with Jeannie since July 2018 and have seen more results in that time than I have ever experienced! She helped me get on an eating plan that lowered my body fat by 3% . It wasn’t about “dieting,” because we all know that diets don’t work, but her guidance was about finding vegan foods that were right for my unique body type! I am so happy about this new way of thinking about food! I would totally recommend Jeannie if you want to see a difference in your body!! Thanks, Jeannie!! 

— Sarah van der Steur

I started working with Jeannie about one year ago when I needed to change my diet due to medical reasons.  She laid out a plan for my new diet.  I couldn’t believe what a difference it made.  There was quite a bit of work I had to do in order to overcome some of the challenges I was faced with, but I followed everything she told me to do.  Not only did I get a good report from the doctor, but now I have been educated on what foods work for me.   I found Jeannie’s expertise so valuable that I asked her for some additional assistance in getting the right nutrition and energy I needed during my long bike rides!  I would feel that my energy level was depleted when I would do a 60-mile bike, especially on the hot and humid rides.  I thought I did all the right things, but I was missing some key ingredients that my body needed.  I am happy to say I am back on track with my nutrition and have some recipes to use before, during and after my bike rides thanks to Jeanne.   

Thanks, Jeannie for coaching me and inspiring me on two very different situations.  I now have the tools I need to say focused and on track! 

— Denise Boyle, Personal Trainer

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