Personal Trainer

Jo Jo Riccardi


RESULTS - they don’t happen to you. You make them happen. So what will you put into it? Because that is what you get back!

Jo-Jo received her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is an experienced yogi, cyclist, boxer, dancer, roller-blader, bodybuilder, and loves a good run. She has been a personal trainer for many years. Jo-Jo uses various modalities to meet her clients’ health and fitness goals. Her programming can consist of corrective exercise to help with muscular-skeletal issues, rehabilitation after physical therapy, balance work, core, strength, flexibility, mobility, power, speed and/or agility.


Jo-Jo likes to use core building, proprioceptively challenging movements, circuit training, compound movements, pyramid system, split routines, drills, endurance, and plyometrics if appropriate. When these are combined the impact can be tremendous. She has watched her clients on many occasions grow stronger, lose weight, and improve their overall health. She likes to use many different techniques to avoid a halt in progress. This ensures her clients don’t hit the dreaded plateau.


Weight loss and medical issues have a big impact on how we workout, so finding the correct exercises is key for the client’s program. Different variables also need to be considered to get the outcome desired. Jo-Jo believes she is very attuned to her clients’ needs and wants. She likes to create a program where the client enjoys what they are doing and progress on a continuing basis. It is important to her that one feels empowered in reaching their goals and beyond.


  • Functional Aging Specialist

  • A.S. Degree


  • FMS

  • GTS

  • ActivMotion

  • Thai/Yoga Bodywork Certified

  • Bulgarian Bag Certified



  • Weight loss and toning

  • Pre- and post-rehabilitation

  • Corrective exercise

  • Metabolic conditioning

  • Core, balance, and functional alignment

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