Personal Trainer

Ken Roberts


Exercise cannot stop the aging process but it sure can slow it down.

Ken has been with our club (Pike Creek Fitness Club and Hockessin Athletic Club) since 1994. He brings to the club genuine care and an outstanding sense of humor. Upon retiring from Dupont, Ken found pleasure in motivating members in the gym. He first became certified by the AFPA as a personal trainer; then received his ACE certification; then became certified in GTS.

Ken is a morning person who takes clients as early as 5:30 AM. While training with Ken you not only enjoy your workouts but also gain knowledge of exercise physiology. You will learn how to train triceps, abdominal muscles and glutes along with incorporating exercises for all other muscle groups.



  • AFPA

  • GTS

  • FMA

  • Weight Management


  • Older adult population

  • Corrective exercise

  • Balance and strength training

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