Personal Trainer

Mandy Bushey


Health isn’t something we try to achieve in January on a fad diet, it’s a life choice that together we can start today!

Mandy Bushey has been working in the health and fitness industry for the past 15 years. She began her career as an Exercise Physiologist managing the Duke Center for Living’s fitness and exercise physiology department in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for just over five years. Through that experience, she developed a passion for medical fitness and helping those recovering from injury, looking to lose weight or dealing with chronic disorders. 


Mandy is a nationally certified aquatic trainer and uses both land and water modalities to help her clients achieve their goals. As a former college athlete, she understands the need for a balanced routine of nutrition, flexibility, strength training and cardiovascular exercise to prevent injury and to have lifelong success in maintaining health and wellness. She is an active mother of two boys, who enjoys swimming, being outdoors and reading a good book.


  • B.S. Therapeutic Movement and Leisure Administration 


  • Aquatic Exercise Association Nationally Certified

  • AFAA senior fitness specialist 

  • Functional Movement Screen



  • Aquatic Training

  • Post-rehab and medical-based fitness

  • Back Injuries 

  • Weight loss

  • Senior fitness

  • Chronic diseases and disorders

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