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Massage Policies & FAQs

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Schedule your appointment as far in advance as possible to secure preferred time and specify if you prefer a male or female therapist. Please keep in mind, guests between age 15-18 must either be accompanied by a parent, or a parent must sign a form of consent prior to the appointment. Guests 14 years old and under will need a signed consent form by a parent and a parent must be present in the room during the service.  

Appointments canceled or changed with less than 24 hours notice will incur a $40.00 fee. 

To prepare for your experience, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Late arrival results in a reduction of treatment time, ensuring the next appointment begins on time.

Health Considerations
To avoid possible contraindications, please inform your therapist of any medical conditions, pregnancy, allergies, prescription medications, and special assistance requirements. 

Gratuities are not included in the price of services. Although not expected, gratuities are appreciated for outstanding service, and generally average 20% of the treatment price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: The clothing that you wear to your massage is irrelevant. Your therapist will instruct you to get undressed to your comfort level and will tell you that all jewelry should be removed before the massage session begins.


Q: Where do massages take place at HAC?

A: The HAC Massage Center is located on the upper floor of the Club. Your therapist will meet you at the Yoga/Massage desk which is at the top of the stairs and to the right. Then, if it is your first massage, you will fill out a brief intake form and your therapist will lead you to your massage room where you will be given further instructions.


Q: Should I show up a few minutes before my appointment time?

A: Yes. You may have paperwork to fill out, and you may also have specific concerns that you need to discuss with your therapist. Therefore, we recommend that you show up fifteen minutes early to ensure that you receive your full amount of massage table time. If you show up late to an appointment you should expect that your massage will still most likely end at the time it was scheduled to end seeing as therapists have other appointments following yours on most days.


Q: Will I be covered up during the massage?

A: Yes. All of our therapists are trained in the technique of “draping”. Draping is another word for covering. Thus, your body will remain under the sheets at all times, and therapists will work within your specific comfort zone. If you feel uncomfortable with the way the covers are draped simply inform your therapist and they will make adjustments to suit your needs.


Q: What should I do after my massage?

A: First you will wait for your therapist to leave the room. Then you can feel free to relax for 2-3 minutes on the table. When you are ready, you can get dressed and meet your therapist at the Yoga/Massage desk where you will be given a bottle of water and payment arrangements can be made. You should drink plenty of water over the next few days to ensure that you are fully hydrated and all toxins released during your session are safely purged from the body. Pregnant women and people receiving our Deep Pressure/Sports Massage option should be sure to pay special attention to this aftercare tip.


Q: How should I expect to feel after my massage?

A: Most people feel either extremely relaxed or oddly energetic after their session. Sometimes, people will feel light-headed or weak after their sessions, and this is perfectly normal and common. Massage reduces muscle adhesion, increases circulation, and helps purge the body of toxins. Thus, you may feel these physiologic effects following the massage. You may also feel cold, and this is due to the fact that massage lowers blood pressure as well. So, take a few deep breaths, sit down if you need to, and drink plenty of water. You may be sore for the next 1-2 days, especially if you received a Deep Pressure/Sports Massage. If you are sore for more than two days call your therapist and ask for additional aftercare tips.


Q: What are the benefits of massage therapy?

A: Massage increases circulation throughout the body, aids in the healing process, reduces stress and muscle tension, increases body awareness, balances energies, increases digestion, increases range of motion, aids in recovery and performance in athletes at all levels, and helps increase overall health and vitality. Ask your therapist what else your massage did for you after your session.


Q: Do therapists accept tips?

A: Tips are never expected but always appreciated. If you choose, you can simply leave cash with your therapist directly, or you can let the receptionist know how much to add to your overall bill and they will ensure that your therapist receives your thanks.

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