Maximize your workouts with wearable accuracy.

Your effort. Your results. Your zone.

Is your heart in it?

MYZONE™ is the heart rate tracking device we use throughout the club. What makes MYZONE™ unique is that it tracks not only your workout, but also the effort exerted during your workout by assigning points to heart rate zones.


When you wear your belt during your workout, you earn what is known as MYZONE™ Effort Points, or MEPs, depending on the heart rate zone you are working in. Seasonally, we hold MYZONE™ challenges based on time spent in those zones to help keep exercise fun and you, accountable.


In addition to seeing your heart rate on our Bluetooth-enabled cardio machines, you'll also be able to see it during classes. We have screens posted in most of our studios so you can track your efforts while you sweat.


You can also see your heart rate on your smartphone using the MYZONE™ app.

Best Accessory for Every* Workout

The MYZONE™ Physical Activity Belt can be worn during all concerted physical activity (*except swimming) and has a unique memory chip which allows up to approximately 16 hours of activity to be stored whilst exercising away from the MYZONE™ center. Data is automatically and wirelessly uploaded when in range of a MYZONE™ Console.


Fall Back into Fitness


September 21st - November 1st | FREE

The Challenge:

Earn 5,000 MEPs in the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red Zones between September 21st and November 1st and receive 1 raffle entry into a drawing for $125 in club bucks! 3 winners will be chosen for this prize!


How To Get Involved:

New Users: Buy a MYZONE™ physical activity belt for $99 at the Fitness Desk, Front Desk or with our Fitness Director and you will be invited to participate in this special challenge. All you have to do next is accept the challenge and wear your belt while exercising and you will earn your MEPS!


Existing Users: You will automatically be invited to participate in the challenge.

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MYZONE™ Heart Rate System Pricing

Inlcudes belt & MYZONE™ pod





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