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HAC Certified Personal Trainers sharing at-home workouts to strengthen, sculpt and stretch your muscles.

Personal Training Workout Library

Floor Exercises for the Lower Extremities with

Denise Boyle

E2MOM with Charmaine Davis

Home Workout with

Cathy McDougall

New! Full Body Add-on Workout with

Charmaine Davis

Outdoor Workout with Rachel Evans - High Intensity

Damon Marable's Wildcard Workout

HIIT Homerun with Rachel Evans - High Intensity

Stretching with Denise Boyle - Low Impact

From our Blog​


Working out at home can be difficult when you are used to having access to weights, machines, and classes at a gym. So here we have compiled some tips and modifications to some of our older workout videos to help you crush your workouts while you are stuck at home. See the videos with tips below, or the full article here:

Burnin' for You Couples workout modifications:

For Dewey's workout, you’ll need a workout buddy and something like a medicine ball. If you don’t have a medicine ball try using a pillow, bag of clothes, rolled blanket, basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, or any other round object.

2 Ladder Routines that Don't Skimp on Intensity modifications:

Charmaine’s two routines involve a couple pieces of equipment you’ll need to get creative with at home. In the first couplet, there are box jumps – while you may not have the box, you can use steps, a curb, or a step stool (make sure it is sturdy, we don’t want people to get hurt). In the second couplet, there is a barbell deadlift and pull-ups. Probably a good number of us do not have barbells at home, but you can do a bodyweight deadlift or use suitcase deadlift form and lift some of the items listed above. There aren’t as many alternatives for pull-ups at home if you don’t have a bar. Some parks are still open that have outdoor jungle gyms or you may have a swing set or playground in your neighborhood.

5 Exercises You Can Do On The Go Modifications:

Becky shows 5 exercises that can be done anywhere. For the decline push-up, you could put your legs on the couch, a coffee table, a chair seat, or create a pile of books. The tricep dips can be done with a firm chair, don’t use a soft seat because it will alter your form and could hurt your wrists.

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