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45 and 60-Minute Classes

So much more than just "splash fitness."

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Aqua SGPT can

  • help reduce your body fat percentage

  • bring relief from injury or illness

  • build toned arms and legs

  • allow movements impossible on land

  • help you prepare for a specific sport or athletic event

  • allow pregnant women a pain-free workout

  • prevent joint or muscular injury.


We have classes ranging from high-intensity workouts to balance-building exercise routines.

Click here to view the class calendar

To reserve your spot in a class, please download the HAC mobile app.

Please bear in mind that schedules are evolving and subject to change.


Aquatics Complex


60-Minute Classes

$25 / class or 12 for $264

45-Minute Classes

$22 / adult class

$15 / youth class

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