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Youth Tri Club

Ages 6-14  |  Open to non-members

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Endurance training for youth triathletes

Making tri-sport training fun

Help your young athlete develop a passion for endurance sports with the help of our experienced and certified instructors that know how to challenge young minds and bodies without taking training too far.

Our Youth TRI Club is designed to take young athletes interested in endurance sports and help foster growth in existing or new skills. Youth events are not as long or intense as adult events, so parents can rest easy knowing their young one eases into the world of triathlons in a safe and manageable way.


While youth triathlon events are shorter, they can be tough on young athletes who don't train properly. Let us take the reins with your child and maybe someday we’ll see them at Kona!

Swim Training

We go over group swim safety, open water confidence, stroke mechanics, endurance, speed and pacing, rules, and nutrition.

Bike Training

We'll focus on group ride safety, endurance, pedal stroke mechanics, pace and speed, rules of the road, mechanical repairs, and nutrition.

Run Training

We teach group run safety and work on pace and speed, posture and technique, endurance, and nutrition.

2023 Training Schedule







Ready to get started?

Please print and fill out the registration form below and bring it to the Aquatics department or call (302) 766-7482 x 149 to get started.

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