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Youth Fitness Programs
in Hockessin, DE


Fitness and youth fitness programming are what we do best. Combined, we’ll help your athlete reach their full potential.

HAC is a HUGE supporter of getting kids involved in our youth fitness program and getting kids to be active. Exercise is a great way for kids to loosen up and let go. Not only does exercise helps kids relieve their stress, but regular physical activity at a young age helps them develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits. Exercise improves a child’s overall well-being and helps them to feel great in their body.

Our youth fitness programs offer youths a chance to interact with other kids and further develop their interpersonal skills and build relationships with many different people. Exercise and sports have so many benefits for kids! It increases their concentration and energy levels, which is exactly what they need to do well in school and succeed academically. It improves their self-esteem. Having kids learning and continually growing gives them the confidence to set their minds to something so they can achieve it.

We offer a ton of different options for your kids to get involved with! Including our youth fitness classes where they can hang with friends while exercising. Our personal training, where your kids an get one-on-one training to strengthen their body and help them feel great! And we also offer tri-sport training; if your kids are interested in endurance sports, our coaches are here to help foster growth in existing or new skills without pushing them too far.

Our teachers and coaches here at HAC are committed to helping your kids grow, learn, and have fun in any of our classes or sports! Sign your kids up today to help them keep their bodies in peak condition and to give them a space to craft their skills and have fun while doing it! We can’t wait to see your kids in our classes!  

HAC Kids Are Happy Kids
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