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Personal Trainer

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Amanda Davidson


The only bad workout is the one
that didn’t happen.

 - Anonymous

Amanda graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a B.S. in Exercise Science and is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Upon graduating college, Amanda gained three plus years of experience in a physical therapy clinic. She assisted hundreds of people of all ages in improving their aches, pains, and injuries through movement and exercise. While working in physical therapy, Amanda noticed a gap in education from a patient being discharged from physical therapy to being able to work out on their own. Amanda founded a bridge program in which she helped patients navigate that gap. Amanda realized that she has a passion for personal training after navigating her own weight loss journey with strength training. As a young female, she knows how intimidating the first steps of that journey can be, especially as someone who didn’t grow up active or in sports. Amanda believes it’s never too late to fall in love with exercise and fitness, and her goal is to make it as approachable as possible while fully educating her clients along the way.


  • B.S. Exercise Science 


  • FMS Level 1

  • TRX Certified

  • SafeSport Youth Protection Trained


  • Pre/Post Rehab

  • Mobility + Functional Movement

  • Body Neutral

  • Beginner Strength Training


Amanda is just the best. She is caring, professional and flexible. I have a work schedule that changes and she was able to accommodate dates. She comes with a variety of exercises that keeps me and my sister interested and engaged. We will recommend Amanda as a great HAC Personal Trainer! 

– Monica M.

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