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After my first Method™ Test, I had to slow down a lot to stay in my prime zone. It felt incredibly slow — but I could also do that for 30-60 minutes and feel like I could keep in going. And I would feel energized after!  This made cardio so much more enjoyable.  I think the data I got from the Method™ Testing helped me be more deliberate and focused in my training. Using the Method™ recommendations as well as nailing my diet enabled me to drop 14 pounds and 8% body fat!

— Joan Burn

Taking the Method™ Test gave me the information I needed to push through a long-standing plateau. The test revealed I was actually working too hard to be optimally burning fat. Over a period of 4 months, I was really diligent about doing my assigned “prime” workouts. I was able to lose 13 pounds and lost 14 inches. I was extremely glad I did it!!

— M.K.

Dina and I discussed the Method™ Testing and why it would or would not be beneficial for me. She listened to my concerns, and I decided I would go through the testing with her in late January. 

For the first time since I’ve been working out, over 20+ years, I was able to understand how MY body functioned during a workout and HOW I should be working out for performance and improvement. I sometimes struggle on my Prime to Peak days; however, it’s a work in progress and I’m not giving up!  

Overall, very happy I was tested and that I am reaching attainable fitness goals FOR ME. It really is your “individual metabolic fingerprint.” 

— Sandra M.

Based on my goals and exercise history, the running protocol was chosen for my Method™ Test. As an avid runner, I felt pretty comfortable keeping a solid pace for a majority of the test. Towards the last few workloads, the intensity certainly increased but not to a point I felt I could not finish. The results were so eye-opening!


I thought I had a great grasp on how I’d been training, but apparently is was not the correct intensity for my goals. My results showed I was actually working too hard! To boot, I also discovered I wasn’t timing my fueling correctly either. I was basically fueling my early morning workouts with my hard-earned muscle! It explained why I was having trouble gaining muscle despite my consistent hard-work and clean eating.

Now that I have my Method™ exercise prescription, I know how to properly time certain macronutrients with intensities of training. I’ve FINALLY started gaining back my muscle, making huge strides in endurance! I plan to continue my Method™ protocol and retest in a few months to see how I’ve improved on paper and to see if my “zones” have changed. Although thus far, the physical results speak for themselves!!

— R.L.

I’m not going to lie, I thought I was going to die during the test. For me, it was not pleasant, but the data the test provided, INVALUABLE.  Apparently, I was not getting the results I wanted because frankly, I wasn’t working hard enough in my ‘zones’.   My Method™ “zones” were reset for my MyZone using the results of the test.  At first, it was extremely frustrating because in the new zones, I couldn’t get out of the green during a class where previously I spike yellow and red within minutes.


I started really paying attention to how I felt and pushing myself in the Prime and Prime to Peak workouts.  Then I began to see results.  I feel better and have more energy.  I may have not lost numbers on the scale, but I lost inches all over!  I still have a way to go, but I now know how to get there! 

— Rhonda B.

When I learned about the Method™ test, I took it with Dina Saitis.  The test indicated various zones, from prime to peak.  Dina gave me specific instructions on what each zone meant and how to best utilize the test results.  It changed how I worked out....and for the better. 

Instead of pushing myself to maximize my heart rate each and every workout, feeling depleted by the end, I now had the tools and information I needed to guide my workouts.  In prime, I'm burning fat.  In peak, I reach the most intense part of my workout.  Prime allows me to increase my performance and results, making sure I have the energy I need.  Basically, instead of seeing how long I can work out and how much I can push myself, the science of the Method™ Test gives me a better, more efficient workout.  And I feel better and stronger because I know that I'm working in a way that will bring the results I seek.  It's one of the best decisions I have made since joining a gym years ago. 

— Karen Parker

I’ve followed the Method™ protocol for about 90 days, usually weaving it after my FIT small group classes in the morning and have enough data to comment:

I have not lost weight and am even slightly heavier. That said, my wife tells me my muscle definition is better ;)

My endurance is better. Recovery is faster. Overall energy level post-workout is higher. 

It’s an excellent protocol for fitness while traveling, ever more important to me these days. 

I am more mindful of how my physiology — how “the machine”, as I like to call it — performs under various loads. I have minimized the overload from too much intensity and can better control and manage my output over time during a workout.  As a result, it’s easier to more intentionally go all-in for sprints (rowing, Versa climber, spinning). 

Finally, I see it as a practical way to avoid overtraining which is becoming more important to me as I get older. I have recommended it to several people.

— Mike Michlovich

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Have a Method™ testimonial to share? Tell us about your experience.

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