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Charmaine Davis


The greatest wealth is health!

— Unknown

Charmaine Davis became certified through W.I.T.S. (World Instructor Training School). Her passion for fitness started in 2005 as she was prepping for her first figure show. Over the course of 12 weeks, she lost over 15 pounds and was able to knock out 24 pull-ups in one set. Charmaine used the knowledge gained through her training to help family and friends with lifestyle changes from the inside out.

Even though she has a background working with children, Charmaine has taken a special interest in Obstacle Course Racing. Summer of 2016 she completed her first Spartan Race in Palmerton, PA. By the fall season, Charmaine was certified to train and coach clients who wanted to compete in Spartan Races. She has completed two Trifectas and has implemented team training for novice to intermediate OCR participants.


During her teaching career, Charmaine led after-school activities, such as Boot Camp, which helps promote a healthy lifestyle for school-age students 7-14 years of age. During the summer months, she is a volunteer running coach for a girls’ track and field team. Charmaine’s clientele ranges from weight loss, runners, OCR competitors, bodybuilders, middle school, and high school athletes.

The most rewarding feeling is witnessing her clients succeed in achieving their fitness goals and gaining confidence to accept more challenges. Charmaine believes her clients can tackle any challenge with her motivation and positive reinforcement. She also believes it is vital to be a lifetime learner in the world of fitness. This will keep clients motivated and her workouts innovative. So, if you are ready to push yourself to new dimensions, then come team up with Charmaine. Teamwork makes the dream work!


  • B.A. Elementary Education & M. Ed. Elementary and Secondary Counseling

  • W.I.T.S.-CPT

  • FMS

  • Spartan SGX Coach

  • Spartan OCR Specialist

  • Spin certified

  • GRIT certified



  • Obstacle course racing

  • HIIT training

  • Strength training


I want to say thanks to my cousin Charmaine Davis, aka “Cardi”, for being an inspiration, motivator, and trainer during my personal transformation over the last few months. Several people think being judgmental about others having hectic schedules will somehow indirectly motivate someone to get fit. That can be both hurtful and offensive considering we all have different lives and responsibilities. My schedule is not an excuse, it’s reality for me.


Cardi has not only been understanding about my struggle with time, but supportive of how to make the best use of the MINUTES I have for myself. She also paid enough attention to my needs to know what was needed to get me started.

Thank you for being such a support system and for changing my life. I know I will be able to compete as a Ninja Warrior any day now. lol. #getfit #onajourney

— Michelle Shorter


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