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Personal Trainer

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Joseph Freeman


"Every bit of the person you want to be, you'll discover inside you."

In addition to being an ACE certified personal trainer, Joseph is also a certified Pedorthist and has experience as a physical therapist aide and track coach. Joseph has always taken an interest in the human body and the incredible potential we all naturally possess given the right resources, dedication, and knowledge. Joseph credits his fascination of the human body to his early childhood love of comic books and figure drawings which evolved into participation in sports spanning from football, track, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and dance. Although a great athlete, he always felt frustrated with being “undersized” compared to his peers and wasn’t until he became a personal trainer at the age of 23 that he realized he could change this through proper training via his newfound knowledge. This spurred Joseph to continue educating himself as well as assist others in achieving their fitness goals. Through his own journey and the journey of others he has had the pleasure of working with over the years, Joseph’s passion continues to grow and inspires him to never stop learning and evolving both personally and professionally.  


  • ACE – CPT

  • Certified Pedorthist


  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Weight Loss
  • Speed and Agility Training

  • Muscle/Weight gain

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