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Personal Trainer

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Rachel Evans


The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.

— Walt Disney

Rachel graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology.

During her time at UD, she completed over 100 observation hours in various physical therapy clinics. She observed rehabilitation planning and action for general outpatient populations. The experience also made her realize she didn’t want to go to Physical Therapy School- but she still wanted to stay in the health field to help people. Her goal is to go back to school for Clinical Exercise Physiology, but for now she’s focused on improving the lives within the HAC community whether it be through training or just a friendly smile.

She grew up in an athletic and active household, so fitness has always been a part of Rachel’s daily life. She has a driven personality and a family who instilled major core values in her- be strong, be determined, be resilient, but be humble. She strives to motivate others to have that same mindset. 


Rachel has assisted people to push themselves outside of their comfort zones, lose weight, and adopt healthier lifestyles. Rachel’s proudest accomplishment is when she helps people find exercise enjoyable and fun rather than seeing it as a chore. If you’re new to exercise, Rachel would be ecstatic to apply her knowledge and experience to help you learn how to exercise and how exercise works. If you’re more advanced and looking for an intense workout, she will gladly push you to your limit, just like she pushes herself. If you’re unsure about this whole training thing, she’d love to book a free health appraisal with you to get to know you and your goals so she can better understand how she can help you reach your potential!


  • B.S. Exercise Science


  • FMS Level 1

  • TRX Certified 

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • NASM Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Spin Instructor


  • HIIT Training

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Weight Management

  • Sports Performance

  • Technique/Functional Training


I have never felt more comfortable or confident as when I have been in one of Rachel Evan’s SGPT classes. Throughout my life, I have been to many gyms with many trainers, and Rachel is by far on the top.  She empowers me to do my best and pushes me further than I would ever do on my own. After being out of the gym scene for a while, Rachel helped me get my groove back and lose 15 pounds to date. I remember the first day apprehensively walking into her class and she was so welcoming that I jumped right in (with some laughs throughout!). It is the positive, supportive, and individualized environment that Rachel creates that is so conducive to success and keeps me coming back week after week. She has an infinite talent for helping her clients reach and exceed their goals, and I am forever grateful for her help in regaining both my confidence and health. 

— Megan W.

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